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Construction Manager - Rabigh Saudi Arabia - Job No. 3017 Listed 25/03/15
Construction Manager - Azerbaijan-Georgia - Job No. 3001 Listed 31/12/14
Construction Managers - Saudi Arabia - Job No. 2998 Listed 17/11/14
Structural Engineer - Angola Onshore - Job No. 2985 Job No. 2985 Listed 11/9/14
Subsea Intervention Engineer - Baku, Azerbaijan - Job No. 2980 Listed 19/8/14

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Construction Manager - Rabigh Saudi Arabia - Job No. 3017 Listed 25/03/15

Salary Negotiable
Working Hours - 48 HOURS/WEEK (6 DAYS)
above 48 Hours will be considered as Overtime subject to Client's Approval
Visa Category - WORK VISA
Contract Status – SINGLE (As per Client's Terms and Conditions)
Subsistence Allowance - SAR: 2,250.00 per month for project assignment duration only
Mobile Phone Allowance - SAR: 300.00 per month for project assignment duration only
Accommodation - Provided by the Company
Transportation - Provided by the Company
Vacation - 2 WEEKS PAID VACATION upon completion of 16 WEEKS ON-SITE (including Travel Time)
Medical Insurance - Provided by the Company
Airfare Ticket - BUSINESS CLASS round trip ticket to your Point of Origin, for every approved rotation.
End of Service Award - As per Saudi Labour Law
About the Petro-Rabigh Project:
The Rabigh Phase II Project involves the expansion of the current existing Petro Rabigh's Refining and Petrochemical Complex located approximately 150km north of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
The project will witness the expansion of the existing ethane cracker, construction of an aromatic complex and an ethylene cracker debottlenecking plant. It will further enable the complex to produce 30 million cubic feet per day of ethane and three million tons of naphtha per year, which will be used as feedstock to produce a variety of petrochemical products. The plant is set to produce an estimated 300,000t of ethylene per year.
Production facilities will also be constructed for petrochemical products such as ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), methyl methacrylate (MMA) monomer, polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), low density polyethylene / ethylene vinyl acetate (LDPE / EVA), cumene, phenol, superabsorbent polymer (SAP), caprolactam, nylon-6 and polyols. Some of these products will be manufactured for the first time in the country.

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Construction Manager - Azerbaijan-Georgia - Job No. 3001 Listed 31/12/14

Project - SCPX 48" Gas Pipeline Azerbaijan-Georgia
Start - As soon as possible
Duration - 12 months (renewable)
Rotation - Whilst City Accommodation 91/16 - Whilst Camp Accommodation 75/21
Working days/hours - 10 hours a day 6 days a week
Salary - 450GBP Consolidated Daily (for days worked only)
Overtime rate - N/A
Medical Cover - Advanced Cover
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Cover - 300,000USD
Life Cover - 200,000USD
Income Protection Cover - Basic Cover (until 180 days)
Living allowance - Accommodation and board will be provided. If board is not provided then a living allowance will be paid.
Pension Fund - 5% employee with 5% employer contribution (enrollment required)
Travel - Prepaid Economy class ticket at beginning, end of CNT and for each work leave rotation cycle
Pre employment expenses - On Company account
Taxes in country of work is paid by the company.
Taxes in country of domicile is for the employee's responsibility.

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Construction Managers - Saudi Arabia - Job No. 2998 Listed 17/11/14

Salary range 14 to 18,000 US Dollars per month for a 60 hour week
More than 20 years construction management experience in the petrochemical industry.
Experience with SABIC or Saudi Aramco.
Have a bachelor of engineering degree
The assignment is in Rabigh (150 KM north of Jeddah), Saudi Arabia with
Rotation - 16/2 weeks
The vacation is paid
Housing - Provided
Transportation - Provided
Medical Insurance - Provided
The package is very competitive.

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Structural Engineer - Angola Onshore - Job No. 2985 Job No. 2985 Listed 11/9/14

Location - Onshore Luanda, Angola
Position - Offshore Structural Engineer
Start date - 4 months after the acceptance of the terms and conditions
Duration - 12 months (renewable)
Salary - GBP 530/day of work (fix, not negotiable)
Living allowance - 3, 500 USD (This allowance will be paid by the project for each day worked onsite in local currency)
Overtime – NA
Rotation - Dual rotation for Luanda - In case of Shared Accommodation: 75/21 (75 days on site, 21 days on leave), In case of Single Accommodation: 91/16 (91 days on site, 21 days on leave) - will be confirmed on site
Probationary Period - 60 days
Notice period - 30 days
Working days - 6 days/week (Sunday is off)
Working hours - 10 hours/day
Accommodation - Free accommodation and full boarding provided in line with corporate standards
Insurance – 300`000 D&D / 200`000 Life / Medical advanced provided / Income Protection provided
Perform technical tasks assigned by the Project Structural Lead, related with structural analyses, design, verification or study activities
Interface with other Project Specialists and Designers
Co-ordinate technical activities performed
The Engineer executes the activities within his area of responsibility, ensuring the compliance with the QA/QC and HSE requirements
Tasks include:
Review Client technical documentation and requirements
Contribute in defining structural design premises
Contribute to the writing of the Project Structural Design Brief (roadmap of all the structural design and analyses work on the project)
Liaise with other Project Specialists and Designers whenever required for a proper completion of the work assigned
Design structural systems and components, pursuing objectives of sound engineering and design optimization in term of costs, fabrication simplicity, constructability and safety
Carry out/Check/Supervise structural analyses
Supervise/Approve steel structures design drawings
Supervise setting up of bill of quantities or material take off (MTO)
Prepare, when required, specifications for structural fabrications and all related items such as bearing systems, bolts, cladding, grating, etc.
Verify structural strength or dynamic behaviour of items designed by others (piping support Specialists, Vendors, technical building Suppliers, etc.)
Apply the Quality Control Procedure of the Offshore Structural Department during the work assigned
Implement field engineering activities
Write design reports and calculation notes
Additional information:
5 years experience in performing structural analyses and calculations for offshore structures encompassing Fixed platforms jackets, Integrated decks, FPSO modules, Subsea structures such as templates, foundations, PLEMs, etc.
Degree in either civil or mechanical engineering.
Design and verification of welded steel structures and joints details.
Aptitude to coordinate and check calculations and analyses performed by engineering third parties and Vendors.
Good knowledge of English Language and main IT applications. Excellent knowledge of Finite Element calculation tools, with a preference for SACS TM and ANSYS TM.
Good knowledge of the international codes and standards commonly adopted in the offshore Oil&Gas industry (e.g. API RP 2A, AISC, AWS, Noble Denton Guidelines, etc.).
Autonomy and relational capabilities.
Available to participate to site and offshore activities.

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Subsea Intervention Engineer - Baku, Azerbaijan - Job No. 2980 Listed 19/8/14

Contract type - International Contract
Start - ASAP
Duration - 12 months renewable
Rotation - 91/16 (91 days on work site followed by 16 days of unpaid vacation leave)
Working days/hours - 260 monthly (10 hours / 6 days a week, from Monday to Saturday)
Salary - GBP 400 per worked and travelled day.
Living allowance - 2,120.00 AZN (GBP 1620) per month
Accommodation - In line with Company standard
Insurance D&D - USD 300,000
Life Insurance - USD 200,000
Income protection - From work incapacity day 1** up to 30 calendar days
On site
100% of the contractual salary *
After repatriation and arrival in country of domicile
70% of the expected annual income according to the contractual work leave rotation cycle broken down to a monthly basis*
From work incapacity day 31(whether on site or in country of domicile) up to 90 calendar days
70% of the expected annual income according to the contractual work leave rotation cycle broken down to a monthly basis*
From work incapacity day 91 up to 180 (whether on site or in country of domicile) calendar days
50% of the expected annual income according to the contractual work leave rotation cycle broken down to a monthly basis*
Travel - Prepaid Economy class ticket at beginning, end of CNT and for each work leave rotation cycle
Pre employment Expenses - On company account
Relative engineering education or training
More than eight years of relative work experience in subsea installation or construction works
Hand-on experience on ROVs
Familiar with industry standard regulations, codes and practices related to ROV and subsea operations
Fluent with diverless operations and procedures in a subsea construction environment
Proven experience as subsea project engineer or ROV project engineer.
QHSE aware and diligent in that respect
Good procedural writing and reporting skills
Qualified to work offshore on-board of vessel or platforms – BOSIET training required
Understanding of the requirement of offshore operation from an IMR work perspective
Communication & Presentation skill at all levels, establish a good balancing act among the interested parties, Problem solving skills
Leadership (Human skill, Project Construction management, attitude to risk ..)
Role Description
Primary tasks and responsibilities
Primary Tasks (minimum)
a. Review and discuss with project engineering manager and the project engineer the work instruction received from the client
b. Establish a methodology and later detailed procedures, to suit the operations and activities
required for the scope
c. Establish the deliverable register with issue dates in accordance with assigned SOW to be
proposed to client
d. Ensure a good technical interface with operations group and vessel management team
e. Draft and issue requisitions required for the works ex-materials, consumables, installation aids and other material as needed.
f. Provide input into mobilization plans and pre-mob preparations ex- SIT, tooling interfaces etc…
g. Perform internal reviews of technical notes and drawing under his/her scope.
h. Generate subcontract scope of work for third party services where required and follow up with the progress of the work
i. Work closely with QA/QC to ensure the final quality of works, materials, equipment and final ^
products to be used.
j. Prepare and conduct pre-mobilisation readiness reviews for each Assigned SOW
k. Attend regular project coordination and operations meetings
l. Comply internal processes and procedures relevant to the offshore operations and engineering
m. Liase with buyers and logistic coordinators to ensure timely delivery of the purchased material and equipment
n. Ensure QHSE inputs for the subcontracted SoW and Purchase orders is adequately implemented
Offshore Operations Support
a. Ensure all project documentation required for safe execution of the assigned scope of work is adequately disseminated among key personnel
b. Follow up with day-to-day job coordination with yard or vessel management team
c. Establish regular communication with field engineers
Coordinate The Close Out Activity
a. Working closely with other disciplines (HSE, survey, ROV and vessel management team), ensure the close out dossier index is established
b. Ensure the completeness of as-built and/or close out dossiers as per client requirement
c. Establish a lessons learned register from the job completed.
Secondary Task
I. Be prepared to lead assigned IMR’s SOW issued by client, liasing with other discipline leaders such as Procurement, HSE, QA/QC etc..
II. Prepared to be flexible with working hours to fit around the offshore needs
III. Team work ethic is a MUST.

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